National Day of Mourning

National Day of Mourning

A personal reflection of the national day of mourning ceremony in the City of Barrie.



The National Day Of Mourning, was recognized in the City of Barrie, with a very powerful selection of tributes. In attendance were Mayor Jeff Lehman, Members of Parliament, Council Members from the City of Barrie and surrounding municipalities, Senior Level Union Representatives, and members of the Barrie Chapter of CSSE, plus friends and families of injured workers, and other supporters of this cause.

At the end of the tributes, the Barrie Chapter Flag was raised by Mayor, Jeff Lehman. It was a very solemn and quiet process, as our flag rose to the top of the pole and then very slowly descended to half mast. This was acknowledged, by the group, with loud applause. The fact that our flag was flying, next to the Canadian, Provincial, and City flags, was quite significant. It stated, very clearly, that we join with everyone else, in recognizing these injuries, and illnesses, this cannot continue, and we are actively working to improve the statistics.

A group of approximately 50 people were in attendance and many were injured workers, but the most heart breaking attendees were a young boy whose father died in a workplace accident within the last year, and his young mother.

This gave me, personally, a renewed surge of energy to get more active in preventing workplace accidents. We have to get the message out to everyone that more awareness of hazards, and more attention to prevention is vital, if we are to stop these tragic events.


Have a SAFE day,

Theresa Frechette, Chapter Chair




Gathered to pay tribute to loved ones.  




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