June 2016 Daystarter meeting

June 2016 Daystarter meeting

Our final Chapter meeting, before taking a break for the summer, took place on June 1st.  After a moment of panic when we found out our speaker would not be able to attend, we did as all Safety Professionals are able to do...


We went quickly to damage control and whipped up a meeting that was one of the best we have had in a while.


Our Past Chair, Ernie Dodgson, gave us a very thought-provoking presentation, filled with ideas for gaining employee engagement.  He explained techniques for gaining, not only the interest of the employees, but ending the session with commitments from them to work, and be, safer.


Members also contributed personal stories from their work places which resulted in a very  worthwhile learning experience for all in attendance. They arrived expecting one thing but went away with something that, in my opinion, was far more valuable. They went away with an amazing and powerful “Employee Engagement Tool”.


Thanks, Ernie.  

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