Hot Topics in OHS Law

April 2016 - Hot Topics in OHS Law

Here's what you missed on April 6th.  Jeremy Warning gave an update on OHS Law...

including some very interesting cases that are currently before the courts.  He spoke about Bill 132, Bill 177, recent C-45 charges, and the Metron project manager's sentencing.  He said there has been a trend toward more significant penalties / jail terms for those who have a "marked departure from health and safety legislation." 

An interesting, in-depth discussion was held regarding an Ontario case whereby a worker on a platform, less than 3 m high, fatally fell and the company (with stellar OHS performance and a policy of fall protection at a height of 9 feet) was charged with not taking every reasonable precaution.  This raised many concerns for the OHS practitioners in attendance.

All in all, it was great professional development and a perfect update on current OHS law.  The membership and guests that attended now have their finger on the pulse as they also received a copy of Jeremy's slides.

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